Lloydminster War Memorial
Lloydminster war memorial erected on the City Hall grounds of the border city of Lloydminster, Saskatchewan/Alberta 1914-1918 1939-1945

Lloydminster War Memorial Front
Memorial Front
Nor time nor tide can
e’er efface the memory
of our glorious dead

Lloydminster War Memorial Right Side
Memorial Right Face
C. Addison
A. Batty
W. Bates
A.H. Bibby
A. Bourne
S. Brant
A. Bramley-Moore
E. Brown
Ewart Brown
F. Bullock-Webster
R.A. Burchnall
O. Cherry
F. Creech
D. Crompton
F. Daly
J.E. Dalley
W. Darcie
W. Davey
C. Davidon
T. Dent
L.H. Truscott
W. Thomson
C.B. Despard
F. Everett
A. Fraser
J. Ford
W. Gayford
G. Gilchrist
A. Greenshaw
A.F. Hames
A.V. Harding
E.W. Hainsby
H. Hathaway
H.H. Hathway
C. Henderson
R. Hill
D. Hudson
H. Iremonger
J. Jeffery
W.A. Johnson
H. Judd
S. Brant
P. Wood

Lloydminster War Memorial Left Side
Memorial Left Face
H.V. Kift
A. Laws
A.S.K. Lloyd
C. Lynch
J.W. Mather
H.F. Masterman
C.P. Mersereau
H.R. Miles
L.S. Hoffett
W.H. Murray
G. McAdam
A.H. McKay
A. McGillivary
J.H. NOble
H.H. Noyes
A.E. Osborn
H. Pape
A.S. Patmore
R.F. Power
F. Pritchard
M. Eustace
G.J. George
E. Robinson
F. Reid
T.J. Relf
B.H. Rowles
W.H. Rowley
H.J. Seels
W.F. Sloman
G.H. Smith
J.F. Smith
W.F.G. Smith
G.P. Stephenson
A. Sturgeon
J.E. Swindell
L.E.R. Thompson
W. McA. Vokins
F. Wall
W. Weeks
W. Whitehead
F. Webber
B. Still
C. Still
V.W. Fouracre

Lloydminster War Memorial Back
Memorial Back
A. Barrett
R. Barrett
E.S. Blake
E.W.R. Bolton
L.C. Boyd
W.L. Brown
K. Burleigh
W. Cameron
R.E. Chambers
E.W. Chapman
H. Cook
A.J. Davies
F. Fife
E. Fines
R. Fox
J. Fretwell
J. Frost
G. Gerow
L. Gipes
J.K. Greenway
G. Hawkins
S.L. Haynes
J.T. HIll
J. Hofflin
R. Holtby
F.L. Lomas
H.C. Knight
C. Meeker
S.E. Messum
W.G. Miller
C. Mitchell
P. Mitchell
A.B. Morlidge
D. McDonald
H.E. Dodan
D.B. Olson
P. Paul
R. Piercy
O.J. Peterson
J.E. Potter
T.F. Priest
L.O Rogers
T.M. Seabrook
W.N. Studds
C.B. Sutton
M. Taylor
F.W. Turvey
C.R. Watts
A. Wilkinson
J. Winthers
(There is a plaque but there appear
to be no names.)


Please excuse the transcription if there are errors the D and O were similar, G and C as well as F and P.

Comment with any corrections biographies or additions as you see fit to make this transcription correct and complete, Thank you.

3 Thoughts on “Lloydminster war memorial”

  • Can you help track William Mill Dargie Pte. He apparently died at Vimy Ridge, France.
    Can you tell us his unit and date of death? Any other info would be much appreciated.
    Carol and Carey Binks

    • Hi there Carol and Carey Binks

      According to the National Library and Archives, regarding Private William Mill Dargie (DARGIE, WILLIAM MILNE # 625231) there is a registration in the Soldiers of the First World War Expeditionary Force listing.

      The record states that Name:
      Regimental number(s):
      RG 150, Accession 1992-93/166, Box 2296 – 9
      Date of Birth:

      The front of the form states William was residing in Lloydminster Alta, and was born in Angus (formerly Forfarshire until 1928) , and George Dargie in Dundee, Scotland is listed as his father or next of kin.

      The back of the form states he was 5 ft 8-1/2 inches in height, with fair complexion, blue eyes and randy hair, weith 165 pounds. William belonged to the Presbyterian religious denomination.

      Initially he was assigned to the 151st overseas BAttalion C.E.F. “After sailing to England in October 1916, the battalion was absorbed into the 9th, 11th, and 21st Reserve Battalions on October 13, 1916. ”

      According to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission DARGIE, WILLIAM MILNE is honoured at GIVENCHY-EN-GOHELLE CANADIAN CEMETERY, SOUCHEZ in the locality of Pas de Calais, France upon giving the ultimate sacrifice on 09/04/1917 at the age of 28 when he was serving with the Canadian Infantry 78th battalion. Additionally, the record states that he was the grandson of George Dargie, of Mylnefield Fens, Invergowrie, Scotland.

      The 78th Battalion (Winnipeg Grenadiers) CEF “was authorized on 10 July 1915 and embarked for Great Britain on 20 May 1916, disembarking in France on 13 August 1916, where it fought as part of the 12th Brigade, 4th Canadian Division in France and Flanders until the end of the war. … The Winnipeg Grenadiers perpetuate the 11th Battalion, CEF, the 78th Battalion (Winnipeg Grenadiers), CEF, and the 100th Battalion (Winnipeg Grenadiers), CEF”

      For more links and information: War resources.

      On the Lloydminster memorial the transcription of W. Darcie should probably read W. Dargie. Some letters were hard to read.

      If you go to the links given in the email, or search for the various units online, you will probably find much more information (and those links will take you to further links ๐Ÿ™‚ It looks like during his service period he was re-assigned from his intial unit which was registered upon enlistment, to the given unit in his casualty record.

      I hope this answers your query.

      Kind Regards
      Julia Adamson

  • A lot of Soldiers from the area signed up in Edmonton with the 51st and filed with them. to England where the 51st was used as reinforcements for the Front. Our Ancestor LH Truscott went over that way and wound up serving with the 46th South Sask regt He was killed on the 29th of Sept 1918 at the Battle of Burlon wood. Or your ancestor drove east instead of west to sign up. Your Relative in any case died taking Vimy ridge. His sacrifice in a great degree defined Canada in the worlds eye. I know my Ancestor would have been about a half mile North with the 4th on the same day.

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