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This blog post may seem to be rather long-winded, but we wanted to keep all the blogging information in one place rather than spread over several posts. It contains all the information you need to know to make creating your own blog posts enjoyable, and make it a pleasure to share your knowledge and experiences with us. You should really read through the whole post at least once so you know what to expect.

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What Can I Contribute?

We would like the blog to be an ever-growing knowledge base of information concerning the Saskatchewan war casualties, about their lives, and their service. We also welcome general information about pretty much anything that touches on the military, and the various conflicts and campaigns in which these men and women served. Here are some ideas that might get you started:

  • personal information about individual war casualties, and their time in the service,
  • general information about conflicts (such as WWI, Korea, Afghanistan, etc.),
  • recollections about campaigns (such as a particular battle, offensive or defensive maneuver, sortie, convoy, etc.),
  • stories about a particular platoon, air wing, or even just a group of men and/or women who served together,
  • stories about the people and/or places encountered during service,
  • information about military weaponry used during conflicts in which Canadians have served,
  • information about the merchant marine, and its service in wartime,
  • and, of course, photographs, and documents.

We only ask that the information provided be factual, and coarse language not be used. Please see the Moderated Site section for details about things to avoid in page submissions. See the Copyright Information section for details about copyright and the use of copyrighted materials.

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