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Frank  Sekulich

Frank Sekulich

Frank Joseph Sekulich



By:  Pat MacFarlane



Frank Joseph Sekulich

Born:  March 3, 1918

Died:  April 4, 1945


At the mention of his name, my father’s eyes (Mark Sekulich) would fill with tears and he would leave the room.  Faye (Gibney) Benson recalls watching November 11th Service from Ottawa with Grandma.  Grandma cried so hard that Faye thought Grandma should go to Ottawa to lay a wreath.  But they never talked about him in front of us.  He went to war and never returned, it was in the past, if you didn’t talk about it you didn’t hurt.  That was the Croatian way.


I have been told he was a happy-go-lucky man, but a bit short on temper.  The other brothers knew if they got into a bind Frank would wade in and help them out.  Rumor has it he liked to scap and took down more than 1 local fellow.


In the early years the country schools were used for dances.  There were many schools and 2-3 dances a week.  Frank went as much as possible.  But he was up early the next morning telling everyone “Get up!  People die in bed you know.”


Frank received a Grade 8 education at Hilledge and worked on the farm.  He spent some time in Sudbury with family.  He then went to B.C. where he worked as a fire fighter.


When the war broke out in 1939 he was 21.  He attempted to enlist but was refused for reasons unknown.


In 1943 he tried again and was accepted.  He formally enlisted on March 11, 1943 at Powell River, B.C. as Frank Nicholas Sekulich.  He listed his trade as farmer, mill worker.


He did basic training in Vernon, B.C., Winnipeg, Man., Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Camp Shilo, Manitoba and Woodstock, Ontario.


On February 19, 1944 he was engaged to Lorraine McNeil while on furlough.


On August 16, 1944 he failed to return from leave.  He was A.W.L. for 1 day and 12 hours.  He was admonished for the offense, on open arrest and forfeited 2 days pay.  I hope he had a good time for he shipped out to England August 31, 1944.


He was a member of Regina Rifles Regiment.  They went to France on September 29, 1944.  On February 13, 1945 he was promoted to Lt. Corporal.  The regiment ended up in Holland.  Another man from Kenaston, Bill Hobel was in the same regiment and was right beside him when he was killed by sniper fire April 5, 1945.  Bill told Grandma he died instantly which was a source of comfort to her, knowing he didn’t suffer.


Frank is buried in Holten Canadian War Cemetery, in Holland, with 1,342 other Canadians.


As an item of interest, Canada played a major role in the liberation of Holland.  Part of today’s school curriculum involves care and maintenance of these cemeteries.  Each child is assigned a specific grave to visit and plant flowers.  This was told to me by Gerarda Kaye, R.N., my co-worker who grew up in Holland.


In the Memorial Chamber at the base of Parliaments Peace Tower in Ottawa, Canada’s Books of Remembrance are displayed.  The books are under glass and list in alphabetical order the names of the war dead.  Each day at 11 am a page is turned in each book so that every name can at some time be read.  A grateful nation recognizes his sacrifice every year on November 24th when page 562 is displayed.


I feel I know him now.  He was 5’8” by his military records, handsome by his photos, a bit vain, charismatic, feisty and family oriented by all accounts.


I can’t help but wonder how different our family would have been had he come home.  Another Aunt and Uncle and more cousins to swell over ranks.  I often wonder how he would have made a living, where he would have lived and how his life would have affected us.


Submission by the niece of Frank Sekulich, Bev George.  Thank you kindly, Julia Adamson

Lance Corporal Frank Sekulich

Birth: Mar. 3, 1918
Kenaston, Saskatchewan, Canada
Death: Apr. 5, 1945, Netherlands

Mathew Sekulich (1880 – 1953)
Eva Tomlenovich Sekulich (1885 – 1974)

Regina Rifle Regiment R.C.I.C.

Holten Canadian War Cemetery
Rijssen-Holten Municipality
Overijssel, Netherlands
Plot: II. E. 6.
Canadian Virtual War Memorial Frank Sekulich

Frank Sekulich article by Jan Braakman (Dutch investigative journalist and author) translated into English by Google

The original article by Jan Braakman is written in Dutch.

Frank Sekulich Biography ~ Powell River’s Unsung Heros Of World War II –dedicated to the 62 Servicemen who had ties to the Powell River, British Columbia, Canada area, who made the supreme sacrifice in  World War II.  Sekulich bio is near the bottom of the Powell River webpage.

Kenaston Cenotaph. Veteran’s Centennial Park and Cenotaph,
Kenaston, Saskatchewan.

An article has been written about Frank Sekulich by Noudi Spönhoff for a Dutch magazine. The article reflected on Frank Sekulich who lost his life as a soldier when he bravely fought the Germans near the village of Almen, where the Canadians recaptured the ‘Ehzer bridge’. This bridge though often called a Canadian troops a Bailey bridge (Victoria Bridge) is actually a callender-Hamilton Bridge. As the Germans destroyed many bridges during the war, those which remain have intrinsic heritage value. As this one survived the war, it has been re-furbished.






May 132014

Debden: Notre Dame de Fatima Cenotaph

Traveling along provincial highway the village of Debden is located 94.18 kilometres (55 58.52 miles)
from Prince Albert approximately an hour away and traveling along Saskatchewan provincial highway 12 Debden is 193.06 kilometres (119.96 miles) from Saskatoon about a two and a half hour drive. Debden is northwest of Prince Albert and north of Saskatoon.

The Notre Dame de Fatima Cenotaph was restored by the Debden Knights of Columbus in 2009 via an application to the Cenotaph/Monument Restoration Program at Veterans Affairs Canada.

“Monuments and cenotaphs serve an important role in our remembrance because they are a permanent symbol of the pride and gratitude Canadians share for our nation’s truest heroes,” said the Honourable Greg Thompson, Minister of Veterans Affairs “It is important that we maintain the glory of our cenotaphs and memorials, and in doing so, inspire a renewed sense of remembrance within the community. This is why our government continues to provide support for cenotaph and monument restoration in communities across the country.”

The Knights of Columbus in Debden received funding for the restoration of the Notre Dame de Fatima Cenotaph in Debden.

“We are proud to stand with Canadians to honour the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform,” said Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz This funding will ensure that the cenotaph in Debden remains a place of remembrance and reflection for future generations of the community.”

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Cenotaph in Ogema, Saskatchewan

THE GREAT WAR 1914 – 1918”.

J.W. Barnett A. Milne
F. Baird E.B. Murphy
D.E. Bee G. Merriam
G.W. Berry T. Odland
W. Clark N. Prang
S. Cougrough F. Rumford
J. Coubrough H. Reuss
H Chamerlin D. N. Riley
W.L. Cairns S. Street
R. Davis R. Sullivan
N. Dodds V.W. Saunders
S. Fowler D.H. Stevens
H. Ford S. B. Tallman
G.A. Grainger I Taylor
C. Gilchrist N. McTAvish
S. Gayer F. McLatchie
W. Howlett E. Vancot
E.F. Hergh P. Wright
J. Hayward E. Walker
J. Holm E. Walmer
D. Irwin A.E. Watts
E.F. Martindale

“A greater Gift they could not give

who gave their lives that we might live.

Erected 1923″

“IN MEMORIUM WAR 1939 – 1945 ”

Z. Babb H Miller
J.F. Birney D.N. McKenzie
W. Booth G. Pagan
G.T. Coubrough H. Richmond
D. Cojogari G.D. Smith
A. Cauley I. Smailes
J. Gebert R.B. Scott
W.E. Jones R. T. Scott
G. Krasiun S. Wood
J. Lemkie S. Woolether

Ogema, Saskatchewan Cenotaph, World War I and World War IIOgema, Saskatchewan Cenotaph, World War I and World War IIOgema, Saskatchewan Cenotaph, World War I and World War IIOgema, Saskatchewan Cenotaph, World War I and World War IIOgema, Saskatchewan Cenotaph, World War I and World War IIOgema, Saskatchewan Cenotaph, World War I and World War II

Additional Information:

Elgin Burns MURPHY ~ Canadian Virtual War Memorial ~ Veterans AFfairs CAnada.

Swanton Morley Rolls of Honour ~ Flight Sergeant Pilot George Thomas COUBROUGH

Cenotaph in Ogema SK, Poppies from my gardn.

The Military – Canadian Expeditionary Force ~! WWI~ Elgin MURPHY

SSR Actions recalled Regiment gets battle honors The Leader-Post. December 4, 1957. Digitised online by Google News Archives. Date accessed November 8, 2013.
The South Saskatchewan Regiment (SSR) was awarded 19 battle honours for their efforts in the Second World War. Quote“It was organized as the SSR in a militia reshuffle following the First World War, and perpetuates the old 152nd battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force.”Unquote

Reaching the top The Leader-Post. February 9, 1973. Digitised online by Google News Archives. Date accessed November 8, 2013.
Regarding Gerald BOUEY

152nd Battalion hold reunion at Weyburn. The Leader-Post. October 1, 1968. Digitised online by Google News Archives. Date accessed November 8, 2013.

Regina band lloks for recruits The Leader-Post. August 24, 1974. Page 11 Digitised online by Google News Archives. Date accessed November 8, 2013.
RE Mr. Tom Toddington

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Briercrest Roll of Honour

Briercrest Roll of Honour

Briercrest Roll of Honour

Briercrest Roll of Honour

Briercrest Roll of HonourRoll of Honour
of the Members of Briercrest
and Community
Who Volunteered for Active Service
With Canada’s Fighting Forces.

These Gave their lives Their Name Liveth

J.W. Cockburn H. M. Horton

~ These also served ~

Anderson K.K.
Healey L.J. McKee L.M.

Anderson W.R.
Healey H.M. McKee ?

Armstrong G.R.
Healey M.G. Minielly A.

Barden L.C.
Hikox R. A. Moffat M.C.

Boan D.R.
Hillson A.L. Olson E.R.

Boan J.A.
Hillson E.R. Sanderson D.D.

Boothman H.V.
Hillson G.C. Schweitzberg C.G.

Boothman J.C.
Hillson L.E. Snell W.D.

Bowler J.M.
Hillson W.S. Snell W.

Calder A.G.
Horton H.E. Tysdal E.E.

Cockburn A.E.
Horton R.G. Varlet V.A.

Cockburn B.K.
Jaques B.D. Walker D.A.

Cockburn D.R.
Jaques H.B. Walker J.C.

Cole C.E.
Jaques J.N. Walker R.E.

Conlon D.R.
Johnson C.H. Weir B.I.

Coward H.E.
Lewis C.F. Weir D.H.

Dixon M.T.
Lewis J.L. Weir E.M.

Duff A.J.
McGhee C.R. Weir J.A.

Findlay D.A.
McGonigal J.M. Westrum L.F.

Findlay D.S.
McGonigal R.D. Whyte J.G.

Findlay N.A.
McKaskill A.M. Windrem O.C.

Hanson L.O.
McKee B.N. Wyatt M.G.

Healey L.F.
McKee T.C. Wyatt R.L.

Briercrest is a small village in Redburn rural municipality No. 130 near Moose Jaw and Regina.

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To Perpetuate the memory of our heroic comrades of this district in the Great War.


To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.

Erected by the Great War Veterans Association Glidden Sask.

Donated by George H. Joll, Esq.
Newcastle, Ont.

Glidden, Saskatchewan War Memorial

Glidden, Saskatchewan War Memorial

Glidden is a hamlet south of Kindersley located in the rural municipality of Newcombe No. 260.

The October 26, 1943 edition of the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix published an article, “Died for his country” about Sgt. Kenneth N. Read, RCAF wireless air gunner aged 21 who had been missing since December 1942 has been presumed dead. Read moved from Glidden to Saskatoon in 1932 and enlisted in 1941.

N.E. Ament compiled a listing of those who served in world war one and gave the supreme sacrifice: Gardiner Halliday, Thomas Germain, Charles Ross, Ernest Howard, and Reginald Laurence. Others from the area who served in world war one were Mort Reed, Reginald Reed, A.B. Cassie, Art Wheeler, Cliff Wilcox and A. Hancox.

Of the thirty six folk Ament lists in the book, Glidden : our district, who served in World War II, none lost their lives, and all returned.

P. Abelseth

J. Abelseth

G. Abbey

W. Ament

N. Ament

D. Bender

L. Bradley

G. Babcock

V. Cascadden

D. Elliott

L. Goheen

D.R. Galbraith

J. Genge

S. Gizen

N. Hammel

C. Jackson

K. Jackson

E. Johnson

J. Joll

F. Kovatch

T. Miller

H. MacDonald

A. Neumuller

J. Page

R. Page

A. Page

E. Renz

A. Steele

W. Smith

T. Keslick

F. Keslick

K. Thompson

W. Kerr

O. Wormsbecker

D. Wormsbecker

M.B. Mitchell


Glidden : our district / compiled and written by N.E. Ament

To commemorate Glidden’s 50th Anniversary, 1917-1967, and Canada’s Centennial, 1867-1967.

circa 1967, Print Shop Kindersley, SK

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 Val Marie Cenotaph

The district of Val Marie honored 58 of their enlisted citizens in 1945 at a special ceremony held at the Palias Royal Theatre.

Three local boys paid the supreme sacrifce during World War II, brothers Emile and Marcel Dunand and Harry Gunter. 58 enlisted men and women were honoured on a special plaque alongside the three who had fallen.

Val Marie was enumerated with a population of 98 in 2011, and the area was originally settled by French ranchers in 1910. ” Gateway to Grasslands National Park”, the village is located at the junction of Saskatchewan Highway 4 and 18 in Saskatchewan south of Swift Current near the US Canadian border. Val Marie grew steadily into the mid 1950s, when it boasted a population over 450 residents, mainly French speaking.


(Note the newspaper article lists the boys n ames as Emile and Marcel, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Dunand, and Harry, only son of Mr. and Mrs. Gunter.)



To the memory of

Those who made

the Supreme


F/O. Emile J.F. Dunand

Pte. Harry Gunter

Pte. Marcel J. Dunand

Those who served.


Audet. E.Anderson G.Arens A.

Arens C.

Arens D.

Bellefeuille A.

Bleau G.

Bleau L

Bleau J.P.

Bourlon A.

Brisson Miss G.

Brisson M.

Clement E.

Denniel O.

Demontigny P.E.

Demontigny P.O.

Demontigny A.

Demontigny E.

Demontigny R.

Douville W

Dunand R

Dumont A

Dumont Miss C.

Dumont J.

Duey C.

Erne Keith

Erne K.

Gagnon R.

Gagnon J.

Garvie L

Guay A

Grant P

Hewitt L

Hewitt F

Jacob L

Jensen E.

Jensen Miss L

Johnson N

Kalveland L

Kane R

Kane W

Lacourse W.Laprise PLaprise M

Lavione Miss L

Lesel E / Lebel E(Hard to read sorry )

Loken M

Nadeau R

Massicotte J

Meier J

Miners H

Painchaude E

Perrault F

Rathburn A

Reid D

Reid Miss E

Reid J

Reid N

Reid W

Richardson H

Ronceray Maurice

Ronceray M

Selanders Ken

Selanders Kirk.

Selanders K.L.

Stav J

Stav H.

Stav M.

Stoen J

Syrenne R

Trottier John

Trottier Jos.

Trottier L

Turner H

Vadeboncoeur G

Vadeboncoeur M

Vadeboncoeur P

Wanlin A

Wanlin G

Wanlin H


Unveil Honor Roll Val Marie Soldiers. The Leader Post June 25, 1945. Date accessed August 8, 2013.

Val Marie on wikipedia

Village of Val Marie

Cenotaph at Val Marie, Saskatchewan

Val Marie Cenotaph

VAl Marie Cenotaph

Cenotaph at Val Marie, Saskatchewan


Cenotaph at Val Marie, Saskatchewan

Val Marie Cenotaph


Aug 132013

Tisdale, Saskatchewan war memorial plaques.

Tisdale is a town of 3,180 residents [2011 census] located at the junction of Saskatchewan provincial Highway 35 and Highway 3, housing offices for the the rural municipality of Tisdale No. 427.

In Memoriam


Armstrong T.P.
Armstrong WM
Botten Ole
Brrok E
Doucette B.A.
Coxhead F.
Curry L.
Deck R.F.
Dewar R.
Doyld G.
Edgington G
Edgington T
Francis Fred
Francis Chas.
Gunnis V.N.
Mann E#d.
Paisley Wm
Semple Paul
Semple S.F.
Sharp Harry
Wills Fred.

Attridge James
Belton Ted
Byers Vernon
Cole S.H.
Edworthy John D
Fife Fred J
Parkhurst Elmer
Quinnel C
Ramage Lawrence H
Woolard Robert A
Kyler R.W.

To the glory of God ~ For their King and the preservation of our way of life, these men gave their lives.

“There is a victory in dying well for freedom ~ and ye have not died in vain”

Amos W.
Anderson, R.W.
Andrews, H
Armstrong, B.
Armstrong, F
Armstrong, W.
Boxall, H.
Carley, L.
Day, J.
Eastman, H.S.
Eskelson, A
Ham, B.
Hunt, J.R.
Hurley, O.
Lindsay, F.
Marsden, W.
Miller, J.P.
Mitchell, G.
McLeod, R.M.
McNab, C.E.
Newell, D.
Ostlund, A.
Ried, A.
Ried, R.R.
Schiltroth, W.
Sleight, S.G.
Sleight, W.
Sleight, W.D.
Small, J
Stonehouse, J
Teale, A
Walker, F.M.
Walsh, W.B.
Williams, H.
Wilmot, B.
Wilmot, N.
Worby, G.
Erected to the Honoured Memory of those Men from Tisdale and District Who Gave their Lives in the Great War 1914-1918.

“Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn at the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.”

Erected in hallowed memory of those men from Tisdale and District who gave their lives in the name of freedom and international justice in the second world war 1939-1945.

Aastrum, T.
Allen, A.P.
Allen, J.L.
Arps, L.R.
Barritt G.R.
Barrowman A.M.
Beatty W.W.
Beatty A.M.
Bellamy G.C.
Brown G.
Caldwell C.C.
Callin W.E.
Clark G.
Clark R.G.
Collins W
Craig L.W.
Eaton L.E.
Elrick K
Benton G
Fields W.R.
Froom G.E.
Gale W.J.
Gauthier O.R.
Gray G.T.
Griggs T.E.
Hale F.J.
Ham J.A.
Hambly R.S.
Hedman I.H.
Jackson K.R.
Jones A.L.
Kidney A.B.
Larson C.F.
Laycock M.P.
Learn K.G
McArthur D.A.
McCombie J.S.
McClellan C
McGowan L.L.
McIntyre W.O.
McKague CC
McLean J.S.
McMurdo M.E.
Morrison D.B.
Mustad J.G.
Nelson J.N.
Peddie R.
Pendleton W.
Phillips C.S.
Ray C.D.
Robinson W.
Sanderson E.A.
Smith L.L.
Stickley D.
Sohorowich J.
Teale R.
Townsend R.W.
Tyerman R.
Walsh W.D.
Wells A.E.
Whitbread S.G.
Wilson R.G.

And Others
We Will Remember Them

Tisdale War Memorial

Tisdale War Memorial

Tisdale War Memorial

Tisdale War Memorial

Tisdale War Memorial Plaque

Tisdale War Memorial Plaque

Tisdale WAr Memorial Plaque

Tisdale War Memorial Plaque

Tisdale War Memorial

Tisdale War Memorial

Tisdale Saskatchewan War Memorial

Tisdale War Memorial

Tisdale War Memorial Plaque

Tisdale War Memorial Plaque

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Town of
Tisdale, Saskatchewan home page

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Proud To Support Our Veterans – Saskatchewan Legion (pdf)

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Tisdale (Sask.). Jubilee Book Committee
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Tisdale : The Story Of The Century / [Compiled By The Tisdale Community History Book Committee

Tisdale, SK. : Tisdale Community History Book Committee, 2010

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Peace Park, Kindersley, Saskatchewan.

Peace Park, Kindersley Saskatchewan

Peace Park Cenotaph

Kindersley is a town in west central Saskatchewan located at Section 10, Township 29, Range 23, West of the 3rd Meridian, along highway 7, a primary highway linking Calgary, Alberta, and Saskatoon. The town is seat of the Rural Municipality of Kindersley No. 290. Kindersley is a growing community of almost 5,000 people, (4,412 in 2006)

“The poppy campaign is a nationally run campaign, obviously every branch performs the duties within their own district,” Don Fuhrman, Kindersley Legion President said. “All money raised in a poppy fund remains in that community, in a separate fund in that community, it doesn’t go into the local branch funds, it’s a separate fund and the guidelines for spending that are set out by Grand Command in Ottawa.” Continue reading »

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Veteran’s Centennial Park and Cenotaph,

Kenaston, Saskatchewan.

Veteran's Centennial Park and Cenotaph. Kenaston, Saskatchewan.

Centennial Park

Kenaston is a village in Saskatchewan, the seat of the rural municipality of McCraney No. 282. The Kenaston post office was established on January 1, 1906, whereas the previous name was Bonnington, provisional district of Assinboia, North West Territories and this post office was formed October 1, 1904. Kenaston is located on Highway 11 or Louis Riel Trail at the junction of Highway 15 and is also near Highway 19. This is a scenic area of Saskatchewan situated within the rolling Allan Hills geographical feature. Kenaston is located between Danielson and Blackstrap provincial parks. The village population according to the municipality and 2006 census was 259 persons.

Continue reading »

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Hanley is a town in south-central Saskatchewan located 65 km south of the city of Saskatoon. Population (2001) 510. It is also the seat for the rural municipality of Rosedale #283. Continue reading »