Research revealed that in 1920, the province had planned a memorial museum to honour the citizens from the province who died serving in WWI. Plans for this building were cancelled during the late 1920’s. The Albert Street Bridge was constructed during the 1930’s and it was to be dedicated to the WWI dead. It was called the Memorial Bridge. Plans were made to have the names of the dead inscribed on plaques on the bridge. In 1987-88, the Memorial Bridge was refurbished and it was realized that there was no way all the names of the WWI war dead from the province could be attached in a fitting manner to the bridge. It then looked like the matter would again be dropped.

Phase 1 – WWI

In 1988, Capt. (Ret’d) Lloyd Jones formed a committee to create a memorial tribute to those Saskatchewan men and women who had died in World War 1 in a suitable location on the legislative grounds in Regina’s Wascana Centre. The committee looked at a number of potential sites before the present location was selected.

The committee registered as a ‘Not for Profit’ charitable organization and set about to raise funds to erect the memorial.

One of the most difficult tasks was the compilation and verification of names of the Saskatchewan war dead. This task was ongoing throughout the entire period of fund-raising and construction. The project got underway in 1988 and was dedicated by the Honorable J.E.N. Wiebe, Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Saskatchewan in November of 1995. Members of this committee were: Capt. (Ret’d) Lloyd Jones, Chairman; L/Col (Ret’d) Terry Lyons, CD, Vice-Chairman; F/L Jack Rennie, Treasurer; Mr. Lorne Harasen, Public Relations; Members: Mr. Robert Bird; Mr. Stan Bowering; Mrs. Joyce Johnson; Mrs. Merle Kennedy; Mrs. Susan Khaladkar; Mrs. Rita Lebioda; Mr. Gordon Nicholson; Mr. John Neher; Mr. Terry Sinclair; Mr. James Noble; Mr. Gordon Smith; Mrs. Rosalyn Sotkowy; Mr. Peter Matwiy. The designer was Mr. Bill Henderson.

During the next five years, there was much discussion about completing this project by adding a memorial to those Saskatchewan citizens who gave their lives in World War ll, the Korean War and during Peacetime Operations.

Phase 2 – WWII, Korea and Peacetime Operations

In 2000, Lloyd Jones called his former committee members together to plan the second phase of the Saskatchewan War Memorial. Those members able to continue were joined by new members and the project was begun. The ‘Not for Profit’ charitable organization was re-registered and fundraising begun.

Once again the task of compilation and verification of names was an onerous ongoing task lasting throughout the entire project. Mr. Bill Henderson designed a memorial that would be located next to, and one that complemented the existing WWI memorial.  The first sod for the commencement of construction was turned by the Duke of Edinburgh on 18 May, 2005, during the visit of Her Majesty. Construction was completed and the Memorial dedicated by Her Honour, Dr. Lynda Haverstock, Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan on 2 October 2005.

Members of the Saskatchewan War Memorial Committee were: Capt. (Ret’d) Lloyd Jones, Chairman; L/Col Terry Lyons, CD Vice-Chairman; F/L Jack Rennie, Treasurer; Major Gordon Goddard, CD Secretary; Mr. Lorne Harasen, Public Relations; Members: F/L Jack Ambler; Mr. Bill Barry; Chief Tony Cote; Mr. Matt Gress; Mrs. Rita Lebioda; Mr. James Noble; Mr. Avery Pearson; BGen (Ret’d) Cliff Walker, CD; W/C (Ret’d) John Yeomans; Mr. Jim Ewing. The designer was Mr. Bill Henderson.

The two phases of the memorial project cost approximately $900,000.00 and contains the names of approximately 10,000 Saskatchewan men and women who gave their lives for their country and province.

The Memorial

Saskatchewan War Memorial

Above left side is the original World War l Memorial. The Flag Staff and World War ll, Korea and Peacetime Operation Memorial was added on the right in 2005. The final stage of the Memorial construction was the addition of a statue of a World War l Nursing Sister located on the left pylon of the WWI Memorial. From time-to-time, the Committee will add the names of fallen Saskatchewan men and women who die in operations with the Canadian Forces.

The Memorial is located on Memorial Way in the Legislative grounds in Regina, Saskatchewan.