Photographs, Documents and Stories

You are encouraged to share photographs, documents and stories you might have about a war casualty whose name appears in this database so that Saskatchewan, and the world, can come to know better this brave individual. You can also propose a new casualty whose name does not appear here an whom you think you be added.

You can provide information for the web site in two ways: upload an image or other document or, create a new page on the SVWM Blog (see details below).

If you have any questions regarding sharing information and images about a casualty or for the Image Galleries, please contact us using the Contact form.

File Upload

If you have a small number of pictures and/or documents (5 or fewer), you can use this link to connect to the File Upload page. If you have more than 5 pictures and/or documents please consider creating a blog page for the casualty in whom you are interested.

The Blog

The Saskatchewan Virtual War Memorial web site has a Blog associated with it. The Blog is a community contribution effort that is available for you to share all sorts of information and knowledge.

As mentioned above, you can use a Blog Post to share information about a war casualty.

We also invite you to add new Blog Posts or edit existing ones about conflicts in general, specific campaigns or battles, general military weaponry of the period, descriptions of various military and other decorations, etc. The Blog is moderated which means that an authorized person will review changes and new Blog pages. This is done to ensure that no coarse or offensive language is present and to remove any content in poor taste or that does not fit in with the general focus of the site. For example, a Blog Post about knitting really does not contribute to a growing knowledge base about commemorating war casualties and associated topics. Such a page would be removed.

When creating a new Blog Post for a war casualty, please include, at the top of the page, the casualty’s full name (given names and surname) along with their service number and unit or vessel (if known) and the conflict they served in. All additional information such as date and place of birth will help us to further research this person and will be greatly appreciated and will contribute to a growing knowledge base.