The advanced search allows you to search using multiple criteria to help you find the war casualty you are looking for. You must enter information in at least one field below.

The * can be used as a wildcard character that stands in for any number of characters and can be used for most text entry search criteria below but not drop down lists. Without the *, the default search will be performed which is equivalent to *cha*.

Some examples:

  • Surname: cha* – all the surnames that begin with “cha”.
  • Surname: *cha* – all surnames that contain “cha” any place within the surname. This is the default search method.
  • RM: 2 – all records where the RM number is 2.
  • RM: 1* – all records where the RM number begins with 1.
  • RM: *1 – this will not work with numeric fields like RM number.
  • Grave Location: *france – all records with a grave location that ends with “france”.

You can also generate some interesting statistics from our Statistics page.


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