Lady Hawkins - Canadian Steam Passenger Ship
The Lady Hawkins

The Lady Hawkins was a Canadian steam passenger ship that was sunk by German submarine U-66 off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, on January 19, 1942. Among the passengers were three civilians who had Saskatchewan connections and are described below.

Henry Jacob Dyck – Civilian, Canadian

Henry Jacob Dyck was traveling as a civilian passenger on January 19, 1942, when the ship he was travelling on, the Lady Hawkins, was sunk by German submarine U-66 off Cape Hatteras. He was born in 1903 and was 39 when he died.

The only personal information available about Harold Jacob Dyck is that he was the son of Jacob Henry and Agatha Dyck of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Barbara Bothwell Forbes – Civilian, Canadian

Barbara was born in 1918 and died January 19, 1942, when the Lady Hawkins was torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-66. (See Emma Marjorie Johnson for cross reference.)

Barbara Bothwell Forbes was the daughter of Jessie R. Bothwell of Regina. She was the wife of William Forbes, B. Sc., of Arvida, Quebec. She, like Emma Marjorie Johnson of Moose Jaw (below), was on her way to meet her husband who was working as an engineer in British Guiana.

Emma Marjorie Johnston – Civilian, Canadian

Emma Marjorie Johnston was born in 1911 and died January 19, 1942, when the Lady Hawkins was sunk by German U-boat U-66 Commanded by Captain Richard Zapp off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

Emma Marjorie Johnston was the daughter of the late Joseph S. Johnston and of Mrs. G.O. Armstrong (formerly Johnston) of Edmonton, Alberta, and the husband of Roy Walter Johnston of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Mrs. Johnston, who was known as Marjorie, was only thirty one at the time of her death. Emma Marjorie Johnson’s husband was working as an engineer in British Guiana.

[Editor’s Note: It is most probable that Barbara Forbes and E. Marjorie Johnson knew each other since their husbands both worked as engineers in British Guiana. One can only imagine the sadness of the two men who were waiting for the arrival of their wives.]

The information above was brought to light in an article with the title Wife of Former City Engineer Listed as Missing in the January 29, 1942, Times Herald.

See the full Crew and Passenger List.

[The above information was submitted by Richard Dowson of Moose Jaw and edited by Admin.]

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