Normally, SVWM does not advertise products or services but we have made an exception with this because it is an important addition to the knowledge base of WWII events and worthy of mention.

For several years, Jan Nieuwenhuis has been compiling information regarding allied plane crashes in the Netherlands during WWII. He has amassed a great deal of information. Not only has he gathered all this information in one place, Nieuwenhuis also created a computer application that you can use to search the data he has compiled and continues to add to. Jan Nieuwenhuis is a member of the board of the Aeronautical and War Museum on Texel Island.

His AirWarWWII program is free to download and use. It connects to the web database that he continues to augment on a regular basis. It contains information on more than 1000 crashes and over 5000 crew members. The screenshots below will give you an idea of what it looks like. Click an image to see a larger view. If you have friends and/or family or are curious about air crashes, aircraft and their crews you need to take a look at this.

AirWarWWII Application Main Screen
Main Screen
AirWarWWII Application About
AirWarWWII Application Aircraft Search
Aircraft Search
AirWarWWII Application Crash Search
Crash Search
AirWarWWII Application Crew Search
Crew Search
AirWarWWII Application Cemetery Search
Cemetery Search
AirWarWWII Application Search Results
Search Results
AirWarWWII Application Crash Details
Crash Details

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