Canadian Forces Station Yorkton:

by Bruce Forsyth (, with permission

RCAF Station Yorkton opened as a Pinetree Line radar station on 15 October 1962, about 10 miles west of the former wartime training base No. 11 Service Flying Training School. 46 Radar Squadron was formed to handle the radar duties, reporting to the Central NORAD Region.

The station was re-named CFS Yorkton in May 1967.

CFS Yorkton closed on 1 August 1986. The site is now the Whitespruce Centre, a youth addiction facility. Most of the original buildings remain and are in good condition.

Source Material: “Sentinel” Magazine from June 1968, pg 46, History of 2CFFTS web site –, the Pinetree Line web site – & the Air Cadets Glider Training web site –

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