Val Marie Cenotaph

The district of Val Marie honored 58 of their enlisted citizens in 1945 at a special ceremony held at the Palias Royal Theatre.

Three local boys paid the supreme sacrifce during World War II, brothers Emile and Marcel Dunand and Harry Gunter. 58 enlisted men and women were honoured on a special plaque alongside the three who had fallen.

Val Marie was enumerated with a population of 98 in 2011, and the area was originally settled by French ranchers in 1910. ” Gateway to Grasslands National Park”, the village is located at the junction of Saskatchewan Highway 4 and 18 in Saskatchewan south of Swift Current near the US Canadian border. Val Marie grew steadily into the mid 1950s, when it boasted a population over 450 residents, mainly French speaking.


(Note the newspaper article lists the boys n ames as Emile and Marcel, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Dunand, and Harry, only son of Mr. and Mrs. Gunter.)



To the memory of

Those who made

the Supreme


F/O. Emile J.F. Dunand

Pte. Harry Gunter

Pte. Marcel J. Dunand

Those who served.


Audet. E.Anderson G.Arens A.

Arens C.

Arens D.

Bellefeuille A.

Bleau G.

Bleau L

Bleau J.P.

Bourlon A.

Brisson Miss G.

Brisson M.

Clement E.

Denniel O.

Demontigny P.E.

Demontigny P.O.

Demontigny A.

Demontigny E.

Demontigny R.

Douville W

Dunand R

Dumont A

Dumont Miss C.

Dumont J.

Duey C.

Erne Keith

Erne K.

Gagnon R.

Gagnon J.

Garvie L

Guay A

Grant P

Hewitt L

Hewitt F

Jacob L

Jensen E.

Jensen Miss L

Johnson N

Kalveland L

Kane R

Kane W

Lacourse W.Laprise PLaprise M

Lavione Miss L

Lesel E / Lebel E(Hard to read sorry )

Loken M

Nadeau R

Massicotte J

Meier J

Miners H

Painchaude E

Perrault F

Rathburn A

Reid D

Reid Miss E

Reid J

Reid N

Reid W

Richardson H

Ronceray Maurice

Ronceray M

Selanders Ken

Selanders Kirk.

Selanders K.L.

Stav J

Stav H.

Stav M.

Stoen J

Syrenne R

Trottier John

Trottier Jos.

Trottier L

Turner H

Vadeboncoeur G

Vadeboncoeur M

Vadeboncoeur P

Wanlin A

Wanlin G

Wanlin H


Unveil Honor Roll Val Marie Soldiers. The Leader Post June 25, 1945. Date accessed August 8, 2013.

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Village of Val Marie

Cenotaph at Val Marie, Saskatchewan
Val Marie Cenotaph
VAl Marie Cenotaph
Cenotaph at Val Marie, Saskatchewan


Cenotaph at Val Marie, Saskatchewan
Val Marie Cenotaph