The Unity memorial is erected within Memorial park in the town of Unity.  Memorial Park is sponsored by the Legion and Lions International.

Unity Saskatchewan War Memorial Front
Front of memorial

Unity Saskatchewan War Memorial Front Left
Front and left faces of the memorial

Unity Saskatchewan War Memorial
Back of memorial

Unity Saskatchewan War Memorial Back Right
Back and right face of memorial

The front face of the memorial:

In honour of all who died for the cause of freedom in the Great War 1938-1945

Ballantyne, W.B.
Bell A.F.
Blanchard L.W.
Carson F.
Dulham A.M.
File, E.K.
Fleming D.
Fogg E.D.
Hayard D.I.
Knoke J.
Knowles D.
McCallum W.
McKinnon R.G.
Mullins F.E.
Orr R.S.
Postlethewaite G.E.
Reid W.V.
Taylor H.B.
Williams R.
Werry W.E.

On the right face of the memorial:

Anderson T.R.
Austin A.W.
Aldridge C.
Akrigg J.
Biggart A.
Britter R.
Bunce J.
Byrnes I.
Craig E.
Cooley W.
Delamere G.
Delemere J.
Davis E.
Davies Rev. W.H.
Jacobs A.
Jarvis H.J.
Johnson C.
Knowles A.
Knowles P.P.
Keist A.

On the left face of the memorial:

Laker F.
Leckie N.
MacDonald J.
McCubbing W.
McCullough G.
Moorlend L.
Pettypiece T.
Rodgers P.
Robertson J.
Rose C.
Skerry W.H.
Stewart A.
Wilson T.
Williams W.J.
Williams W.T.
Wickham A.L.

On back face of the memorial:

In Honour of All who served for the cause of Freedom in the Great War 1914-1919

Ypres Mons
Arras Vimy

Erected by the Citizens of Unity and District


Memorial to Kenneth James HorsmanWithin the park is also a memorial to: Kenneth James Horsman 1914-1993 R.C.N.V.R. V49826

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