Tisdale, Saskatchewan war memorial plaques.

Tisdale is a town of 3,180 residents [2011 census] located at the junction of Saskatchewan provincial Highway 35 and Highway 3, housing offices for the the rural municipality of Tisdale No. 427.

In Memoriam


Armstrong T.P.
Armstrong WM
Botten Ole
Brrok E
Doucette B.A.
Coxhead F.
Curry L.
Deck R.F.
Dewar R.
Doyld G.
Edgington G
Edgington T
Francis Fred
Francis Chas.
Gunnis V.N.
Mann E#d.
Paisley Wm
Semple Paul
Semple S.F.
Sharp Harry
Wills Fred.

Attridge James
Belton Ted
Byers Vernon
Cole S.H.
Edworthy John D
Fife Fred J
Parkhurst Elmer
Quinnel C
Ramage Lawrence H
Woolard Robert A
Kyler R.W.

To the glory of God ~ For their King and the preservation of our way of life, these men gave their lives.

“There is a victory in dying well for freedom ~ and ye have not died in vain”

Amos W.
Anderson, R.W.
Andrews, H
Armstrong, B.
Armstrong, F
Armstrong, W.
Boxall, H.
Carley, L.
Day, J.
Eastman, H.S.
Eskelson, A
Ham, B.
Hunt, J.R.
Hurley, O.
Lindsay, F.
Marsden, W.
Miller, J.P.
Mitchell, G.
McLeod, R.M.
McNab, C.E.
Newell, D.
Ostlund, A.
Ried, A.
Ried, R.R.
Schiltroth, W.
Sleight, S.G.
Sleight, W.
Sleight, W.D.
Small, J
Stonehouse, J
Teale, A
Walker, F.M.
Walsh, W.B.
Williams, H.
Wilmot, B.
Wilmot, N.
Worby, G.
Erected to the Honoured Memory of those Men from Tisdale and District Who Gave their Lives in the Great War 1914-1918.

“Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn at the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.”

Erected in hallowed memory of those men from Tisdale and District who gave their lives in the name of freedom and international justice in the second world war 1939-1945.

Aastrum, T.
Allen, A.P.
Allen, J.L.
Arps, L.R.
Barritt G.R.
Barrowman A.M.
Beatty W.W.
Beatty A.M.
Bellamy G.C.
Brown G.
Caldwell C.C.
Callin W.E.
Clark G.
Clark R.G.
Collins W
Craig L.W.
Eaton L.E.
Elrick K
Benton G
Fields W.R.
Froom G.E.
Gale W.J.
Gauthier O.R.
Gray G.T.
Griggs T.E.
Hale F.J.
Ham J.A.
Hambly R.S.
Hedman I.H.
Jackson K.R.
Jones A.L.
Kidney A.B.
Larson C.F.
Laycock M.P.
Learn K.G
McArthur D.A.
McCombie J.S.
McClellan C
McGowan L.L.
McIntyre W.O.
McKague CC
McLean J.S.
McMurdo M.E.
Morrison D.B.
Mustad J.G.
Nelson J.N.
Peddie R.
Pendleton W.
Phillips C.S.
Ray C.D.
Robinson W.
Sanderson E.A.
Smith L.L.
Stickley D.
Sohorowich J.
Teale R.
Townsend R.W.
Tyerman R.
Walsh W.D.
Wells A.E.
Whitbread S.G.
Wilson R.G.

And Others
We Will Remember Them

Tisdale War Memorial
Tisdale War Memorial
Tisdale War Memorial
Tisdale War Memorial
Tisdale War Memorial Plaque
Tisdale War Memorial Plaque
Tisdale WAr Memorial Plaque
Tisdale War Memorial Plaque
Tisdale War Memorial
Tisdale War Memorial
Tisdale Saskatchewan War Memorial
Tisdale War Memorial
Tisdale War Memorial Plaque
Tisdale War Memorial Plaque

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