Oct 112012

What Is the Downside to WordPress?

As with all things, nothing is perfect–not even WordPress!

There is only one important downside to using WordPress for any web site or blog–it is not easy to move! Moving here refers to changing either the domain name or the directory in which a WordPress web site or blog is installed. A change to either or both will require some non-trivial changes to be made. Some entries in the WordPress database will need to be changed to point to the correct web site URL. In addition, any PHP code, either in snippets within a WordPress plugin or as external files, will need to be checked and any references to the web site URL will need to be changed. Generally, the PHP code in SVWM WordPress web site contain few hard-coded references. Most references use a special function that automatically points to the correct URL. There are a few instances where this could not be done and the references are hard-coded.

It is important to note here that “moving” does not include changing the web site hosting provider. Changing from HostPapa to GoDaddy, for example would cause no problems because the web site domain name would still be svwm.ca and the files would be copied into the same relative directory–usually the root directory of the web site. The only issue would be the name of both the WordPress database and the SVWM database.


There is comprehensive documentation available to any SVWM WordPress user with administrator rights. Because this will normally be a technical person, this documentation deals with technical issues about the structure and maintenance of the web site and why things were done in a particular way.

This documentation was created so that new technical personnel assigned to the site will have a frame-of-reference to work from rather than having to try to figure things out themselves. This should avoid accidental breakage of the site and allow new technical personnel to make changes and adjustments quickly and safely.