Oct 282017

The Honour Roll Committee put together a listing of veterans of those who served the community. The Blended Heritage History Committee compiled the local history book: Blended heritage which is now re-published with permissions on line at Our Roots Nos Racines.

Included here are those who gave the supreme sacrifice in service to their country as noted;

  • William Baynton World War One
  • Angus Bell.
  • Torindo Bisaro
  • Lorne Elliot World War One
  • Joe Giebault
  • Sgt. Don Havard
  • Wilbert McCallum
  • Lieut. Fred Mullins Scottish Regiment
  • Charlie Niven
  • Reuben W. Orr R.C.A.F.
  • Marc Paradis
  • Ernest Paron
  • Charlie Prongua
  • Leonard Riggs
  • Percy Rogers World War One
  • Glen Stewart
  • ? Seigel
  • George Wood World War One

In the grey twilight of the autumn eves,
It sighed as it sang through the dying leaves:
“Ye think with regret that the world was bright,
That your path was short and your task was light;
The path, though short, was perhaps the best
And the toil was sweet, that it led to rest.”
John McCrae

Oct 282017

The names of those fallen during the Great Wars are commemorated on the Radisson Cemetery memorial gates, and dutifully recorded in the local history book, Reflections of Radisson : 1902-1982. by the Radisson and District Historical Society Radisson, Saskatchewan 1982. They are remembered in prose by R.G. (Bob) Mason who wrote ‘The Patriot’ an excerpt follows “…He loved Saskatchewan, and on that day, His country called we watched him go away…”

The town of Radisson locates just north west of Saskatoon on North West section 21 township 40 range 10 west of the third meridian.

Additionally, those who served overseas are remembered in Reflections of Radisson : 1902-1982 published online by Our Roots Nos Racines.

    World War One Honour Roll

  • O. Andrews
  • F. Bassett
  • H.N. Bingham
  • T. Cheeny
  • Fred Dinnie
  • Fred Giles
  • G.R. Hales
  • Fred Mason
  • A.D. Pole
  • W. Robichard
  • Francis Watson
    World War II Honour Roll

  • Stuart Clark
  • Bill Derksen
  • Wendell Drew
  • Harvey Hunter
  • Tom Ibbotson
  • Arthur Springer
Sep 072015

The Rural Municipality of Stanley 215 began as Local Improvement District No. 11-C-2 before becoming L.I.D. No. 215. The Rm office is situated on Third Avenue West in Melville, Saskatchewan. Birmingham, Colmer, Duff, Fenwood, Goodeve, Hirzel, Kelsonia, Pearl Park, Pheasant Forks, Plain View, Robert and Rosemount post offices were within the RM boundaries. The hamlets and villages established within the area were Birmingham, Colmer, Duff, Fenwood, Goodeve, and Westview.

The R.M. of Stanley No. 215 History Book Committee compiled a listing with photographs of those veterans who served in World War I and World War II. They are asking to be contacted if any names were missed inadvertently.

In World War II, Fred and Jack DOCKERILL were killed in action along with Adam GRYGAR, William KOSTYSHYN, Henry LUTZKO, Irvin MILLER. They also list William DANIELS, John FLAT, Gustuf POLISHAK as members of the armed forces who gave the supreme sacrifice, but photos of these were unavailable. They have the veterans listed also for World War I, but without any killed in action.

The Goodeve memorial rink erected a plaque – In memory of the men of this district who gave their lives in the great war 1939-1945. Wm DANIELS, Wm KOSTYSHEN, A GRYGAR, H. Lutzko, A. POLISHAK. Over the years 1949-1952 funds were raised, and the memorial rink constructed.


Treasured Memories Unfold. Rural Municipality of Stanley 215. R.M. of Stanley No. 215 History Book Committee. Box 29. Fenwood, SK. S0A 0Y0. Friesen Printers. Altona, MB. ISBN 0-88925-989-5. 1992,

Aug 052015

The town of Sintaluta is located about 85 km east of Regina on the Trans-Canada Highway.

The Veterans of both World War I and World War II came together to unveil the Sintaluta War Memorial Cross in August 1948, on Decoration Day. This area is served by the Canadian Legion British Empire Service League (B.E.S.L.) Sintaluta Branch and the Royal Canadian Legion #18 Sintaluta Branch.

Some of the names who have fallen from this area were:

Bently Clarence WWI
Bishop Fredrick
Blakley Roy WWI
Boden J.S. WWI
Bogie Charles WWI
Davies Owen WWII
Deane E.B. WWI
Dolter Leo WWI
Forsyth Charlie WWI
Goldsmith Harry WWI
Gotwaltz Captain E.C. WWI
Grey Malcolm WWI
Harper Harry WWI
Hill Laird Robert WWII
Hiscock L.E. WWI
Hodgins David WWI
Jack Alex WWII
Jackson Arthur WWII
Joslyn Harold WWI
Joslyn Robert WWI
Kellow Claud
Luther Norman WWII
McGalasson Joseph WWI
Meers E.S. WWI
Partridge Charlie WWI
Partridge Harold WWI
Reeve Russell WWI
Snelgrove Robert WWI
Wilbur Garfield WWI
Wilson William WWI
Woodhouse Jack (John) WWI

The local history book, Tales of the Red Fox. also lists the veterans who served, and further historical information and photographs for their roll of honour.


Tales of the Red Fox. Assiniboine Reserve, Town of Sintaluta, Districts Allindale, Durham, Blackwood, Red Fox, And Spring Coulee Sintaluta and District History Book Committee. Box 1984 Sintaluta, SK, S0G 4N0. ISBN 0-88925-498-2. 1985. Friesen Printers, Altona, Mb. pages. 157-174

The Royal Canadian Legion Saskatchewan Command Sintaluta Branch of the Canadian Legion (pdf) Page 45 Date accessed August 5, 2015.

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Sintaluta The Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan. Canadian Plains Research Center. University of Regina. 2006. Date accessed August 5, 2015.

May 292014

Delisle Region | Roll of Honour

In the book, Through the years… Delisle Donavon Gledhow and O’Malley Laura Swanson , there is a picture of the cenotaph erected by the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 184, and a listing of those who served in World War I and II.

E.A. Blacklay, Sam Kellon, S. Kjelland, and J.W. Ralph gave up their lives in the first Great War.

Wm. Earl, Elwood Glauser, Walter Gramson, Arthur Green, Wilf Hathway, M.A. Martin, Eddie Nugent, and Omar Olson paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the second world war.

Delisle Royal Canadian Legion Branch 184 was founded in June of 1933. This branch “arranged for a veteran’s plot in the local cemetery” and erected a cenotaph which reads “In honour of the illustrious dead of Delisle and District and in honour of our living heroes who have defended us in all our wars.”* The branch continues to support the community in many and varied capacities.



Canadian Virtual War Memorial has a page on Walter John Gramson of the Royal Canadian Airforce husband of Veronica M. Gramson, and son of Lawrence Edward and Mary M. Gramson of Delisle. Veterans Affairs Canada. Government of Canada. 2014-05-15.

The Commonwealth War Graves The Delisle Municipal Cemetery is listed as having one Commonwealth war grave from World War One and one from the second world war. Traces of War.com STIWOT. 2014.

*Military Memorials NICMM National Defence and the Canadian Forces. Chief Military Personnel. Government of Canada. Depicts an image of the cenotaph in Delisle. 2008-04-16

*The Royal Canadian Legion Saskatchewan Command. Commemorative History Book. 1926-2006. A Collection of Memories, Activities, and Community Commitment from our Branches and Members throughout the Province! Royal Canadian Legion.

Shillington, Ned. The Descendants of Thomas Kerfoot mention that Earl Donald Shillinton from Delisle served in the Royal Canadian Navy during the Second World War. Calgary, AB. 2009.
Page 205.

Spencer, Dick. Singing the Blues: The Conservatives in Saskatchewan Mentions that Alvin Hamilton born in Kenora, ON, and resident of Delisle, SK on a farm with relatives, served with the Royal Canadian Air Force as a flight lieutenant when World War i broke out. Edition illustrated Publisher University of Regina Press, 2007 ISBN 0889772061, 9780889772069

Through the years… Delisle Donavon Gledhow and O’Malley Laura Swanson Compiled and published by Delisle Women’s Institute. Book Committee. 1972.



May 272014

Vanscoy is a village located at Lat (DMS) 52° 00′ 00″ N Long (DMS) 106° 59′ 00″ W Dominion Land Survey Section 17, Township 35, Range 7, West of the 3rd meridian, 29 km southwest of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

The book, They plowed the way and we followed written by the Vanscoy and District History Book Committee in 1980, lists those who served in the Great Wars from Vanscoy and area. Those who offered the ultimate sacrifice were, Harry Boyle, Air Force; Howard Peterson, Air Force; David Baptist, Sr. Army; Edward Rowe, Army; and Roy Nystedt, Army.

Roy Stanley Nystedt, was a private who lost his life at the age of 22 near Imjin River, South Korea. He was the son of Ragnar Oscar Nystedt and Elizabeth Grace Rayburn of Vanscoy, Saskatchewan.

“Our hopes are high. Our faith in the people is great. Our courage is strong. And our dreams for this beautiful country will never die.”~Pierre Trudeau

Author Julia Adamson

Canadian Virtual War Memorial CVMM Veterans Affairs Canada. Government of Canada. 2014-05-15 Date accessed May 27, 2014.

Vanscoy and District History Book Committee. They plowed the way and we followed. ISBN 0-88925-157-6. 1980. Friesen Printers. Altona, MB.

May 262014

Millions of Archival Newspaper Pages Set to Go Online 

In time for the 100th anniversary of World War One (1914-1918), millions of images from historical newspapers are being digitized to share online. The newspapers hail from hundreds of communities across Saskatchewan, Canada.

Answering a need from communities to have access to archival newspapers, Saskhistoryonline.ca has embarked on a project to digitize historical newspapers starting with the war years. The project was announced via a CBC Radio interview, on May 26, 2014.

For further information follow Sask History on twitter or on facebook. Saskatchewan History Online also uses the social networking of history Pin where you can discover more of the images the project has assembled together about the rich and diverse history of the province. Learn about Saskatchewan history online which is supported by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education and the University of Saskatchewan University Library. Galleries, libraries, archives, and museums are assisted in digitizing their collections by the Saskatchewan History Online technical infrastructure which are then documented on the What’s new pages of the website.

Saskatchewan History Online is a dynamic, and committed organisation dedicated to preserving the heritage left by the many early residents in the province of Saskatchewan. Each and every image left an imprint on the community which preserved the heritage in galleries, libraries, archives, and museums. Current residents are truly indebted to Saskatchewan History Online which has now initiated many projects who document the courage of our ancestral forefathers. By the digitization process and easy access to these records it is hoped that future generations will indeed appreciate the many efforts made by their predecessors.

Canada was committed to the war effort on August 4, 1914. Within two months, the Canadian Expeditionary Force had recruited 33,000 who departed for service overseas on October 3. The digitized collection will not be up and running by August of 2014, but organizers are hoping to have the website available for November 11, 2014, Remembrance Day.

The Saskatchewan Virtual War Memorial lists 6,438 who gave the ultimate sacrifice during World War I. The Roll of Honour lists the World War I casualties by name on the SVWM. During the Great War, the Historical Atlas of Canada> tallies 59,544 casualties from the Canadian army alone. Enlistees for the Canadian Expeditionary Force from Saskatchewan made up 10.8% of the Canadian war casualties.

The 1922-1923 Canada Year Book records that there were 757,510 persons residing in Saskatchewan, and 8,788,483 in Canada during the census year, 1921. This is in contrast to the 1911 census year which reports 492,432 persons in Saskatchewan, and 7,206,643 residents of Canada. Saskatchewan residents provided 6.8% of the Canadian population in 1911 and 8.6% in 1921.

As a great tribute to preserving the information from archival newspapers, the digitization process brings history to life. These newspapers reveal information about the war era, however head lines did not exclusively focus on the Great War. Local news, occasions and events also made headlines during these years.

Chronicling the war years through Saskatchewan historic newspapers will be a treasure trove of data, and a true preservation repository which honours the commitment of Saskatchewan residents during the Great War. The finished web pages will indeed showcase the culture, opinions, hopes and fears of the fledgling province, as told by her gallant reporters.

“Along came nineteen fourteen and our nation then appealed

For men to fight on Vimy Ridge and go to Flander’s Field.

They were gunners, fought in horse brigades, and in the infantry

they served their country well and they brought back the victory.

Joan Keeler”

Author Julia Adamson

For More Information:

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Wikipedia List of Online Newspaper Archives

May 132014

The Park Valley History Committee came together to write the book Wilderness to Neighbourhoods, Lake Four, Park Valley, Rabbit Bluff, Stump Lake, and Millard Hill published in 1992. Within the book they pay tribute to those who paid the supreme sacrifice in the two great wars, the Korean War and the Boer War from the area of Saskatchewan.

Park Valley is 22.5 kilometers (fourteen miles) northeast of Debden. Traveling along provincial highway the village of Debden is located 94.18 kilometres (55 58.52 miles) from Prince Albert approximately an hour away and traveling along Saskatchewan provincial highway 12 Debden is 193.06 kilometres (119.96 miles) from Saskatoon about a two and a half hour drive. Debden is northwest of Prince Albert and north of Saskatoon.

Within the Wilderness to Neighbourhoods local history book are photos of those recorded in the roll of honour, as well as a newspaper article of those who returned home aboard the Queen Elizabeth troopship in November of 1945.

World War I 1914-1918
Haldorson Hans
Herdman Gordon
Martin Louis, Sr
Millard Fay
Millard Emmet
Newman Charlie
Rutley David
Schuler Fred
Skilliter John
World War II 1939 to 1945
Adair W. Roscoe
Bergstrom Fred
Bickert Diedrick
Bloom Allen
Brunet Leonard
Bueckart Benjamin
Campbell Frank
Campbell George
Carey Edward R
Danielson Erhard
Erickson Andrew
Erickson Leonard
Erickson Viggo
Erickson Walter
Ethier Andrew
Frost Charles
Haldorson Hans
Head Eugene
Head Gerald
Heimbechner Jacob, Jr
Herdman Gordon
Huard Clifford
Lemire Gilbert
Lillyengreen Robert
Martin Joseph
Mayo Robert
McGinnis Archibald Warren
McGinnis Phillip
Meyers Joe
Miller Fred
Olson Bertle
Olson Clarence
Olson Olaf B
Olson Ollie
Premischook William
Rask Fred
Rusk David
Rusk Joseph
Schapansky Anne
Schapansky Kaye
Schuler Fred
Short J.B.
Sinclair Hubert
Skilliter Albert Gerald
Skilliter Robert William
Smith Ernest C
Sten Edwin
Stevens Lawrence
Sundberg Ernest
Sundberg Melvin
Vaadeland Arne
Wilson Chester
Ytterberg Thord
Ziegler Alfred
Ziegler George
Ziegler Oliver
Korean War 1950 – 1953
Heimbechner Arnol
McGinnis Stewart
Skilliter James Wilde
Peace Time
Arcand Bruno
Arcand Marcel
Bickert Betty
Duvall Barry
Jonasson Clifford
Keatling Wilbert
Meyers Tracy
Short Leola
Skilliter Floyd
Skilliter Dorothy
Skilliter Ron
Viberg Allan
Wasstrom Sune

There was only one casualty for the Boer War (1880–1881 and 1899–1902) from the area, W. Arthur Duvall. Anker Petersen servd with the Danish Navy, and Erick Peterson served with the United States of America Army.

Park Valley History Committee. Wilderness to Neighbourhoods, Lake Four, Park Valley, Rabbit Bluff, Stump Lake, and Millard Hill. Friesen Printers. Manitoba. 1992. ISBN 1-55056-095-6

Nov 042013


To Perpetuate the memory of our heroic comrades of this district in the Great War.


To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.

Erected by the Great War Veterans Association Glidden Sask.

Donated by George H. Joll, Esq.
Newcastle, Ont.

Glidden, Saskatchewan War Memorial

Glidden, Saskatchewan War Memorial

Glidden is a hamlet south of Kindersley located in the rural municipality of Newcombe No. 260.

The October 26, 1943 edition of the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix published an article, “Died for his country” about Sgt. Kenneth N. Read, RCAF wireless air gunner aged 21 who had been missing since December 1942 has been presumed dead. Read moved from Glidden to Saskatoon in 1932 and enlisted in 1941.

N.E. Ament compiled a listing of those who served in world war one and gave the supreme sacrifice: Gardiner Halliday, Thomas Germain, Charles Ross, Ernest Howard, and Reginald Laurence. Others from the area who served in world war one were Mort Reed, Reginald Reed, A.B. Cassie, Art Wheeler, Cliff Wilcox and A. Hancox.

Of the thirty six folk Ament lists in the book, Glidden : our district, who served in World War II, none lost their lives, and all returned.

P. Abelseth

J. Abelseth

G. Abbey

W. Ament

N. Ament

D. Bender

L. Bradley

G. Babcock

V. Cascadden

D. Elliott

L. Goheen

D.R. Galbraith

J. Genge

S. Gizen

N. Hammel

C. Jackson

K. Jackson

E. Johnson

J. Joll

F. Kovatch

T. Miller

H. MacDonald

A. Neumuller

J. Page

R. Page

A. Page

E. Renz

A. Steele

W. Smith

T. Keslick

F. Keslick

K. Thompson

W. Kerr

O. Wormsbecker

D. Wormsbecker

M.B. Mitchell


Glidden : our district / compiled and written by N.E. Ament

To commemorate Glidden’s 50th Anniversary, 1917-1967, and Canada’s Centennial, 1867-1967.

circa 1967, Print Shop Kindersley, SK