Rosetown is a Saskatchewan town in the Rural Municipality of St. Andrew’s No. 287. Rosetown’s population in 2006 was 2,277 and it is located at the junction of highways 7 and 4.

A quotation by Captain Jack Kemp and his experience of being shot at by a sniper:

“I ran across the road to look to see which would be the . . . you know, whether we could actually go up this road at all or whether you’d have to clamber over all the stuff. And then suddenly, and then something made me shake my head like that and I could only see about this width and I thought well somebody’s hit me and then I guess I fell over and then the next thing I knew I opened my eyes and Sergeant Major was trying to get this book out of the big pocket on my battle dress. And anyway, they . . . what happened was, over in the castle, you know, the castle had round towers, with long slits in it, about that wide . . . He was in this castle.”1

The Rosetown Branch No. 66 of the Royal Canadian Legion made up a book dedicated to the memory of those veterans of Rosetown and area that so valiantly served their country in World War II and gave their lives in the fight for freedom.2 Branch 66 was formed in 1927. The branch had firstly installed the cenotaph at the Rosetown town office. After the fire at the town office, the cenotaph was moved to the park along highway 4 with a dedication ceremony in 1951. When the road was repaired the cenotaph was temporarily moved.3

67 LAA Battery R.C.A.

To commemorate the mobilization of the 67th Light Anti-Aircraft battery in Rosetown on 2nd June 1941. To the memory of those of this unit who gave their lives during 1939-1945 war.

The battery was recruited of 350 men from surrounding area and later to be assigned to the 7th light anti-aircraft regiment R.C.A., serving in defence of England and northwest Europe.

This cairn was erected by the 67th Battery association in co-operation with town of Rosetown and reads:

To our glorious dead

Rosetown Cenotaph
Rosetown Cenotaph

Rosetown 67 L.A.A. Battery R.C.A. Memorial Plaque
Rosetown 67 L.A.A. Battery R.C.A. Memorial Plaque Support

Rosetown 67 L.A.A. Battery R.C.A. Memorial Plaque
67 L.A.A. Battery R.C.A Memorial Plaque



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