No. 2 Bombing & Gunnery School:

by Bruce Forsyth (, with permission

Opened on 28 October 1940 near Mossbank as part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. Like most stations, No. 2 B&GS had all the amenities expected: a swimming pool, bowling alley, recreation hall, several canteens and a theatre.

(Ed note: Nos. 2 & 5 B&GS were the only two that had swimming pools, and the reason is rather interesting. Both were relatively isolated and an adequate source of water for firefighting purposes was needed. The RCAF decided that, rather than just building big cisterns, they might just as well build swimming pools, to the delight I’m sure of the bombers and gunners.)

The following perished while serving at No. 2 B&GS:  SM Bayley, RE Habkirk, HA Lightle, DC McKenzie, KR McPherson, GE Park, JA Peterson, HM Reed, RH Shults, WR Stephens and BG Warren.


The school closed on 15 December 1944, having trained 2,539 bombers and 3,702 air gunners.

The Mossbank Golf Club now occupies most of the property. A rock cairn was constructed at the golf course to pay tribute to the men & women who served at No. 2 B&GS.

All that remains of the old school are the gunnery backstop, the hangar pads and the abandoned and crumbling airfield, which still sees the occasional crop-duster plane. The Canadian Forces Snowbirds, who conduct training over Mossbank, have even been known to use the airfield on occasion.
One of the old aircraft hangars was re-located to Regina and is now known as the Turvey Centre.  The building has been extensively renovated and is now used for events such as wedding receptions, hobby shows, swap meets and other activities.

Source material: information supplied by Terri Griffin (2002), Mossbank Golf Club –, information supplied by Roy Tellefson, local resident of Mossbank (2005) & information supplied by Will Chabun, Member Regina Chapter, Canadian Aviation Historical Society (2001).

Memorial plaque

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