The military records and photographs of service personnel are included in the local history book of the title; From Bush to Grain A History of Albertville, Meath Park and District. From amongst these records there were included seven casualties. Marc Babineau was killed in action during World War I. Arthur Brunelle, Irving Johns, Lorenzo Pellerin, Henri Provencher, Alfred Samson and Florence Van Grinsvan gave the supreme sacrifice in World War II.

The village of Meath Park locates at section 31-township 51- range 23-West of the 2nd meridian at Latitude – Longitude : 53º 26′ 30” N, 105º 22′ 0” W. The village is north west of the intersection created by Saskatchewan highways 120 and the Northern Woods and Water Route, highway 55. The early name for Meath Park was Sucker Creek. The village of Albertville locates 13 kilometers or 8 miles from Meath Park.


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