The town of Lumsden, Saskatchewan at section 33- township 19- range 21-West of the 2nd meridian or Latitude – Longitude : 50º 38′ 49” N, 104º 52′ 13” W erected a cenotaph to honour those fallen from their community. Lumsden can be accessed via Saskatchewan provincial highway 11, 20 or 241. The town straddles the Qu’Appelle River. Highway 641 runs through town extending from highway 20 and via a north south routing connecting highways 11 which bypasses the town to the north and 241 which bypasses Lumsden on the south.

Upon it has engraved on the front:

1914 Ypres Somme Vimy Mons 1918

Erected by

The Lumsden Chapter I.O.D.E. 1922

Honour and loving memory

To those who died

Honour also and grateful tribute

to those who daring to die,


Our honoured dead.

Cyril Bundyv
J. Bradley-Bull

Reg. Blackburn

John Burnett

Chas. M. Chaplin

Leigh Coles

W. Forrest

Sidney Huntley

Thos. Lamb

James Murray

Paul A. McPhail

Fred Wadman

Ivan Burrows

Willis Wilkinson

J.E. McNeice

Fred N. Hewer

Robt. J. Baird

Andrew Bell

T. Hetherington

Barclay Brown

Robt. G. Dunbar

Percy Gordon

Theo. Klempp

Wm. Shinnan

and engraved on the back:
1914 Passchendale Corcelette 1918

Geo. Johnson

Elber Bell

John Tosh

H.V. Gore Jas. Halfpenny

Sam Cooper Alf. Wood

Arthur Porter Joe Monk

John Richardson

The Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire (IODE) is a women’s charitable organization “dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals through education support, community service, and citizenship programs”.

Also included in this book, is the poem Our “Silent City” written by T. H. Mack, which begins, There’s a pretty spot in Lumsden

Where all is quiet and still

It’s located on the north side

Tucked in among the hills

It is not very often.

One reads a verse like this.

But a word or two for those who’ve gone

Should never go amiss.


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