Sometimes it is difficult to position text items or images just right on the page.

One way to do this is with a table. Using a table, you can place as many rows and columns as you need and merge some of these to create wider or longer cells.

To create a table on your page, place your cursor where you want to add a table and click the Insert Table button shown framed in red on the image below.

Editor Insert Table

On the dialog that is displayed, you can select the size of the table, the number of rows and columns and several other properties. You can add/delete rows and columns and adjust row properties by clicking on the little arrow next to the Insert Table icon.

Then just place text and/or images in each cell of the table. If you can’t see the table in the editor window after you have added it, click the Toggle Guidelines button, framed in red on the image below, to display the table’s outline.

Here is an example:

Moose in Elk Island National Park
Gladia was in space again and once again Aurora could be made out as a globe. D.G. was busy elsewhere and the entire ship had about it a vague but pervasive air of emergency, as though it were on a battle footing, as though it were being pursued or expected pursuit. Gladia shook her head. She could think clearly; she felt well; but when her mind turned back to that time in the Institute, shortly after Amadiro had left her, a curiously pervasive unreality swept over her. There was a gap in time. One moment she had been sitting on the couch, feeling sleepy; the next there were four robots and a woman in the room who had not been there before.

Moose in Elk Island National Park


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