Editor toolbar text formatting icons

Formatting text in a blog post is very similar to formatting in a word processor. The editor toolbar icons you will use are found on the first row of icons on the toolbar as shown in the red frame above.

From left to right, these are: bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, subscript, superscript, add special character, text colour, text background colour, erase formatting, text align left, text align centre, text align right, text align full, bullet list, number list, outdent and indent.

Most of these are obvious and don’t need further description. Some are not always found in a word processor and are described below.

Text Colour allows you to select a colour for the text itself while Text Background Colour allows you to select the colour behind the text. For example, if you wanted to highlight a section of text as though you had used a highlighter pen, you would select the text you want to highlight, click the Text Background Colour icon and choose a yellow colour.

Both the Bullet List and Number List icons have a small arrow to the right of the icon. Click on the arrow to select a different bullet symbol or different numbering scheme. Before doing so, be sure to select all the list items that you want to change.

When you Indent a line or several lines in a bullet list or number list, they will be indented and the bullet symbol or number scheme will be changed.

When formatting text, you must always select the text you want to format. The easiest way to do this is to position your mouse cursor at the beginning of the text to be formatted and drag the mouse over all the text to be formatted while holding down the mouse button.