Of the 60 frigates built by the Royal Canadian Navy during the war and the ten acquired from the Royal Navy, the Valleyfield was the only one sunk. She was a River class frigate with a crew of 163 that was built at Québec, Québec, and commissioned in late 1943. After making a couple of transatlantic runs, the Valleyfield was on her way from Halifax to St. John’s with four corvettes on 19440506 when she was hit by a torpedo from U548. The ship was split in two by the force of the explosion and both halves sank within minutes, taking 125 men with them.

Among the casualties were GW Barefoot, TJ Bouvier, PG Carey, DR Cooke, DH Giles, JRC Guilbault, AE King, HL Lockwood and RH Wilson.


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