The Shawinigan was a Flower class corvette with a crew of 91 that was built at Lauzon, MRC de Desjardins, Québec, and commissioned in 1941. For more than three years she was on active excort duty in the north Atlantic and the St. Lawrence. After the sinking by a U-boat of the ferry Caribou on the North Sydney-Port aux Basques run in late 1942, no chances were being taken with her successor, and the Shawinigan was assigned to accompany the ferry Burgeo on her run. No one knows exactly what happened because none of the crew survived. The Shawinigan was hit astern by an acoustic torpedo, apparently detonating her depth charges, and sank instantly. Among the casualties were LB Evans, RG Grant, TE Lawrence, E Morrison, RF Rayner, WB Sealey and AJ Whitehead.

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