The Regina was a Flower class corvette built at Sorel, MRC du Bas-Richelieu, Québec, finished at Halifax, and commissioned in January 1942. After a year working out of Halifax, she was assigned to the Mediterranean and was just astern of HMCS Louisburg when that vessel was sunk. Two nights later the Regina was escorting a fuel tanker from Algiers when she encountered the Italian submarine Avorio. After dropping depth charges, an exchange of gunfire and a determined chase, the Avorio went down early in the morning of 19430208.

After a refit the Regina was assigned to convoy duties in the English Channel. She was the sole escort for a small convoy from Bristol proceeding along the coast of Cornwall when she was struck by a torpedo from U667 and sank within seconds. One officer and 29 men were lost including JGM Rathbone, DP Robertson, JN Rodseth and J Thompson.

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