28 Aug 1885 – 9 Aug 1918

28th (Northwest) Battalion
Base Coy-1915
A Coy-1918


28 Aug 1885 born Battersea, London England; Harold Sidney EASTMAN

1901 Battersea, London England, Shop Assistant Stationer, 15 y.o.: 1901 Census of England

1903 H.S. Eastman Leaves England from Liverpool bound for Halifax, age 18: Departure Records

Sometime after Apr 1912, Becomes a member of 52nd Prince Albert Volunteers (infantry)

October 13 1914,  Lieutenant Colonel Embury was offered the command of 2nd contingent from Western Canada, forms 28th Bn

Oct 24 1914 joins 28th Battalion C.E.F. Had previously served with 29 year old

October 24 1914, Enrols in 28th Battalion

Oct 31 1914, 28 Bn Companies leave local headquarters for Concentration of Battalion in Winnipeg

Nov 1 1914, 28 Bn parades at Old Horse Show Building in Winnipeg, Sam Steele is present

13 May 1915, 28 Bn parades to see off 27th (Winnipeg Bn) as they depart for England, all units of the Western Canadian 6th Brigade (27th, 29th, 31st) depart for England leaving the 28th behind.

23 May 1915, orders arrive for departure to England

26 May 1915, Entraining begins

27 May 1915, 28 Bn departs for Montreal. HQ on 2nd train one hour after the first. RSM Frank Sissons commissioned to Lt and made Assistant Adjutant

28 May 1915 4pm,  28 Bn arrives in Montreal, paraded for Duke of Connaught the Governor General and Sam Hughes.

28 May 1915 6pm, 28 Bn Boards Northland. Tea is served.

Routine on the voyage a.m. Physical training, p.m. boat drills with 1400 inspection of life belts.

June 11th 1915, 28 Bn Arrives Portsmouth and disembarks. Train to Shornecliffe, arrives late at Dibgate camp, Kent

Prior to July 1, 1915 28 Bn moved to Otterpool nearby.

Aug 1915, 28 Bn Training in Otterpool camp

14 Sept, 28 Bn Tpt leaves for Folkstone to embark

15 Sept, Web gear issued to troops

16 Sept, orders to move to the coast and embark for France, March to Shornecliffe known as the “Retreat to Moscow” carried out. Biv at Sir John Moore’s Plain near Shornecliffe Barracks.

Sept 17 11:45pm, Depart Folkstone

Sept 18 2:30am, Arrive in Boulogne

Last Days

1-3 Aug 1918- Saisseval
3 Aug 1918, Morning and afternoon Attends Tank demonstration, moving via Fourdrinoy Village (Amiens)
3 Aug 1918, 23h30 Ferrieres, (Bn HQ in Ferrieres Chateau)
4 Aug 1918,  Ferrieres,
5 Aug Pont de Metz
6 Aug 1918, Left Pont de Metz for  a trench area at Tronville Wood (Location?)
7 Aug 1918, 22h00-24h00 Moves to final Assembly area in Trenches just west of village of Cachy (Cachy or Aquene trenches)
8 Aug 1918 04h20 H-Hour on attack,
05h50 28 Bn steps off
9 Aug 1918, 1100 Advance to Rosieres begins, A&D Coys follow 29 Bn on the left. 29 Bn Advances to and through Rosieres (en-Santerre)
1330 German Counterattack driven off with heavy Lewis Gun Fire

Last Day’s map

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  1. Attestation paper, Front:
  2. Attestation paper, Rear:
  3. Prince Albert Volunteers existed from Apr 1912 onwards.
  4. Photograph Base Company, 28th Battalion: Specialty Section; Photos.
  5. Mobilization of the 28th Battalion CEF
  6. Nominal Roll, 28th Battalion, Embarkation for England aboard S.S. Northland in Montreal, May 27 1915:
  7. From War Diary, Aug 1918, 28th Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force
    “A Narrative of the Operations Undertaken by the 28th Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force Aug 6th – 11th 1918” — Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4

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