Dieppe, a channel port in north France, was the site of a largely Canadian raid on Fortress Europe 19420819. More Canadian casualties were incurred on a single day than were encountered in the march through northern Europe in 1944-45. The South Saskatchewan Regiment played a leading role, and the regiment’s colonel, Cec Merritt, was awarded the Victoria Cross in the action. While the raid was a tactical disaster, the lessons learned from it helped prepare for the invasion of Normandy almost two years later.
19 August 1942 saw more Saskatchewan boys killed in action than any other day of the war. Most (75) were from the South Saskatchewan Regiment:

AA Allan

JHL Bachelu

W Bahnuick

KJ Bartlam

GH Bassett

MD Beatty

WE Beatty

J Bish

S Borys

RG Burns

A Byklum

JD Campbell

RL Carswell

A Cayen

LR Chilton

WD Chymko

CB Clark

JA Clarke

F Clowes

R Collins

HA Coulter

W Danchuk

GA Danforth

LO Davies

WW Davison

DT Dempsey

AJ Emperingham

LB Evernden

LJ Ford

JA Gagnon

AEJ Gallant

EAW Harman

J Heinz

WC Heinzman

W Jasin

F Jewell

JE Johnstone

GFM Kammerer

LG Kempton

RI Kerr

LJ King

WJ Knight

CR Last

S Laurie

J Le Blanc

C MacDonald

WJ Madden

R Margetts

GR Mavor

JM McAvoy

JR McIntyre

TE Norton

JR Papic

RE Pickford

CF Pinkney

EJ Poitras

EJW Poole

HD Richmond

AJ Rochon

JS Rushmer

G Salmond

CE Sawden

LL Smith

SNJ Smith

WG Stainger

HR Stewart

WD Taylor

NW Thomson

FA Tromburg

DDJ Tyman

GT Underdahl

C Walker

RA Wallace

JT Winn

RA Woolard


Twenty other Saskatchewanians died during the raid while serving with other regiments:

Calgary Regiment: P Friesen

Canadian Intelligence Corps: W Corson

Essex Scottish: S George, T Stainton

Queens Own Cameron Highlanders: RG Ferguson, GE Little, LC Marten, LH Pratt, BV Warne

Royal Canadian Corps of Signals: AK Adams

Royal Hamilton Light Infantry: HE Dicus, L Heifitz, RC Karas

Royal Regiment of Canada: GP Bloomfield, S Brown, AE Cunningham, MH Fiest, AW Mighton


Finally, two Saskatchewan Spitfire pilots – JE Gardiner, son of the former premier, and RH Loyns – were killed while providing air cover for the raid.


It should be noted that a handful of soldiers perished at a later date from wounds incurred at Dieppe (see DE Pow), and six members of the RCAF were also killed in action on 19 August in incidents not related to the raid.


More Canadian prisoners were taken at Dieppe (including Col. Merritt) than suffered that fate during the rest of the war.


See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dieppe_Raid

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