Debden: Notre Dame de Fatima Cenotaph

Traveling along provincial highway the village of Debden is located 94.18 kilometres (55 58.52 miles)
from Prince Albert approximately an hour away and traveling along Saskatchewan provincial highway 12 Debden is 193.06 kilometres (119.96 miles) from Saskatoon about a two and a half hour drive. Debden is northwest of Prince Albert and north of Saskatoon.

The Notre Dame de Fatima Cenotaph was restored by the Debden Knights of Columbus in 2009 via an application to the Cenotaph/Monument Restoration Program at Veterans Affairs Canada.

“Monuments and cenotaphs serve an important role in our remembrance because they are a permanent symbol of the pride and gratitude Canadians share for our nation’s truest heroes,” said the Honourable Greg Thompson, Minister of Veterans Affairs “It is important that we maintain the glory of our cenotaphs and memorials, and in doing so, inspire a renewed sense of remembrance within the community. This is why our government continues to provide support for cenotaph and monument restoration in communities across the country.”

The Knights of Columbus in Debden received funding for the restoration of the Notre Dame de Fatima Cenotaph in Debden.

“We are proud to stand with Canadians to honour the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform,” said Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz This funding will ensure that the cenotaph in Debden remains a place of remembrance and reflection for future generations of the community.”