65 Saskatchewanians perished during the D-Day landings, two thirds of them in the two Rifles regiments which hit Juno Beach side by side.

Regina Rifles

HP Birban                               C Bird                                     MV Bolan

LG Brunning                           EJ Burns                                  SH Cole

RAJ Cutler                              EW Dalshaug                          BA Daniels

JB Delorme                             MJ Desjarlais                           GD Dickin

IL Falhun                                J Flammand                             J Gislason

GF Griswold                           JLS Hodgson                          A Isbister

SJ Johnston                             JJ Leask                                   J Leskiw

JV Love                                  GJ McBride                            DR Moorhead

RB Murchison                         J Pelletier                                 A Pelltier

FL Peters                                 J Pilling                                   J Serwatkewich

AS Smith                                D Thomas                                G Thompson

FG Weber                               WG Williams                          E Wladyka

D Yeo


Royal Winnipeg Rifles

LC Armatage                          TV Bird                                   GH Dayman

RR Isbister                              LL McGown                           AJ McMillan

LE Sim


Four Saskatchewan boys were among the first casualties in Normandy as members of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, LH Adams, OM Ellefson, GR La Croix and HM Walker. Members of other regiments who perished on that momentous day were:

1st Hussars – CJ McAndrew, RF Moore, ES Sinclair

Canadian Scottish – AJ Eckman, JE Stewart

Fort Garry Horse – S Holdstock, A McCaffery, AM Rustad, M Skwarchuk

Queens Own Rifles – RE Boucher

Royal Canadian Army Service Corps – J Miko

Royal Canadian Artillery – AF Clavelle, WM Dirks, RF Taylor

Royal Canadian Engineers – H Stolar

Finally, RF Carol and TH Schrump of the RCAF were lost providing air cover for the landings.


See http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2009/06/02/f-dday-history.html and http://www.members.shaw.ca/junobeach/juno-4-4.htm

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