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Sovereign is a village east of Rosetown on the north east quarter of section 26 township 29 range 13 west of the third meridian. The Sovereign Historical Group remembered those fallen in the Great War, the war to end all wars in their local history book entitled: Mileposts to memories Sovereign, Saskatchewan published 1981.  Additionally, veterans were recorded in the book from the two great wars

“Bid them be patient, and some day, anon,

They shall feel earth enwrapt in silence deep;

Shall greet, in wonderment, the quiet dawn,

And in content may turn them to their sleep. ~John McCrae”

      World War One 1914- 1918 Honour Roll


      Killed in Action

    • J.S.W. Ironsides
    • D.W. Goodwin
    • Arthur McDonald
    • Leonard Adams
    • W.E. Bigwood

Missing in Action

  • G.F. Melrose
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The Rural Municipality of Sliding Hills No. 273 is seated in Mikado, Saskatchewan.  Within the rural municpality are the hamlets of Mikado, Hamton, Donwell, Ross Junction, Muloch post office, Mennofeldt post office, Veregin, Dneister post office.  Canora and Gorlitz are just west of the rural municipality near the border.  In the book, The History of R.M. of Sliding Hills No. 273 Mikado, Sask. and their Centennial Park, Theodore T. Onufrijchuk has recorded those service men who sacrificed all 1939 to 1944.


Furman, Stanley was taken during the Dieppe Raid, falling August 19, 1942.

Gulak, John, was killed Sept 8, 1944, and served with the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF)

Yaholnitsky, Walter, also served with the RCAF was killed in action April, 1943, at the age of 31.

Within the book are pictures of these three men who gave the supreme sacrifice in World War II.


Sliding Hills.  The History of R.M. of Sliding Hills NO. 273, Mikado, Sask. and their Centennial Park.  Theodore T. Onufrijchuk.  Published by R.M. of Sliding Hills in Mikado Sask, Canada May 1967.  Printed by The Enterprise.   1967.

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Vanscoy is a village located at Lat (DMS) 52° 00′ 00″ N Long (DMS) 106° 59′ 00″ W Dominion Land Survey Section 17, Township 35, Range 7, West of the 3rd meridian, 29 km southwest of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

The book, They plowed the way and we followed written by the Vanscoy and District History Book Committee in 1980, lists those who served in the Great Wars from Vanscoy and area. Those who offered the ultimate sacrifice were, Harry Boyle, Air Force; Howard Peterson, Air Force; David Baptist, Sr. Army; Edward Rowe, Army; and Roy Nystedt, Army.

Roy Stanley Nystedt, was a private who lost his life at the age of 22 near Imjin River, South Korea. He was the son of Ragnar Oscar Nystedt and Elizabeth Grace Rayburn of Vanscoy, Saskatchewan.

“Our hopes are high. Our faith in the people is great. Our courage is strong. And our dreams for this beautiful country will never die.”~Pierre Trudeau

Author Julia Adamson

Canadian Virtual War Memorial CVMM Veterans Affairs Canada. Government of Canada. 2014-05-15 Date accessed May 27, 2014.

Vanscoy and District History Book Committee. They plowed the way and we followed. ISBN 0-88925-157-6. 1980. Friesen Printers. Altona, MB.

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Paddockwood Roll of Honour

Paddockwood is a village in Saskatchewan, Canada located 48.52 kilometers (30.15 miles) north of Prince Albert at Lat (DMS) 53° 31′ 00″ N Long (DMS) 105° 34′ 00″ W Dominion Land Survey Section 25, Township 52, Range 25, West of the 2nd meridian.

It is interesting to note that “the Paddockwood District was settled by many First World War Veterans taking up homesteads and developing the community, through the Soldier Settlement Board.”*

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 31 -Paddockwood was formed in 1926 replacing the Great War Veterans Association which served veterans and spouses. The Royal Canadian Legion Ladies’ Auxillary Branch Number 31 was formed in 1927.

F. Pitts, J. Mowbray, D. Daisley, G. Brown, and W. Beethem were lost in World War I. J.A. Beck, E. Backman, L. Craig, A. Chyney, H. Judd, E. Land, D. McConnechy, W. McIntyre, M. Rankin, M. Sorenson, J. Thompson, J. Weedon, and J. White gave the supreme sacrifice in World War II.

Cordwood and Courage 1911-1982 Paddockwood, Beaton, Chesley, Chiefswood, Dorothy I-II, Elk Holme, Elkrange, Birchbark, Howard Creek, Melba, Moose Lake, Pine Valley, Surrey local history book written by the Paddockwood and District History Book Committee 1982 lists the names of those who served in both Great Wars, as well, as those who served post war, and in the Korean War.

John Dinius serving with the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Third Battalion served in the Korean War. According to the Prince Albert Herald, Dinius noted “If you’re telling stories you’re making it look like there’s something good about it or exciting about it, but when you’re in it, it’s just a dirty rotten job — that’s all it is”

The Herald reported that 516 Canadians died overseas during the Korean War. Saskatchewan Virtual War Memorial notes that 39 of these were from Saskatchewan.

The Royal Canadian Legion 31 from Paddockwood made a donation towards the establishment of the Juno Beach Centre in Normandy, France. 2014 marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day, June 6, 1944 and commemorative events are being held June 2014 in both Canada and France.

“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.”~John Diefenbaker

The Paddockwood Royal Canadian Legion Branch 31 mentions that their motto is “To Serve Our Veterans and Our Country” as reported in the Command History Book along with the history of the Royal Canadian Legion Branches in Saskatchewan.

Author Julia Adamson


Paddockwood and District History Book Committee 1982. Cordwood and Courage 1911-1982 Paddockwood, Beaton, Chesley, Chiefswood, Dorothy I-II, Elk Holme, Elkrange, Birchbark, Howard Creek, Melba, Moose Lake, Pine Valley, Surrey ISBN 0-88925-407-9, Friesen Printers Altona, MB. 1982.

Clarke, Tyler. Korean Peace Treaty hits 60 years -Image:Paddockwood area veteran John Dinius is seen during the Korean War with two Korean Augmentation Troops Commonwealth Division solders. April 05, 2013

* The Royal Canadian Legion Saskatchewan Command Commemorative History Book 1926-2006 A collection of Memories, Activities and Community Commitment from our Branches and Members throughout the Province! Page 55 (pdf)

Presentation and hanging of the post World War Two Honor Roll. Paddockwood Legion Branch #31
from Royal Canadian Legion album
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Juno Beach Centre Contributing Legions. 2014.