In memory of


Donald Grant Fowlds

who died on 9 Oct 1918

Service details
  Service Army
  Unit Fort Garry Horse
  Rank Trooper
  Service number 553018
  Date of death 19181009
  Cause of death killed in action
Narrative history
  553018 Trooper (Fort Garry Horse) Donald Grant Fowlds (b.1891) of Pelly was KIA 19181009 and is commemorated on the Vimy memorial north of Arras, Pas-de-Calais, France, for the 11,000 Canadian troops who died in northern France with no known grave. He was the son of Frederick W. and Elizabeth Fowlds of Hastings, Northumberland Co., Ontario. Donald was a bank manager when he enlisted at Winnipeg, Manitoba, in 1916 (he had previously been posted at Glenavon).
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Additional information
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Memorial information
  Saskatchewan rural municipality for commemoration 301 - St. Philips
  Cemetery or memorial location Vimy Memorial, Pas-de-Calais, France    

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  Honour roll location(s) Glenavon
  Geo-memorial ------
  Geo-memorial location ------
  Geo-memorial NTS map reference ------
Personal information
  Date of birth 18910722
  Place of birth Hastings, Northumberland Co, Ontario    (Please click here for map.)
  Date of enlistment 19160526
  Place of enlistment Winnipeg, Manitoba    (Please click here for map.)
  Residence on enlistment Pelly    (Please click here for map.)
  Occupation banker
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