1 Nov 2012 – A Fresh New Look!

For those who have been to the Saskatchewan Virtual War Memorial in the past, you’ve probably noticed that it has a completely different look and feel from the site that was created in 2010. Our new site is built on top of the WordPress blogging software.

Why did we do this? There are three primary reasons. First, the original site was made up of standard HTML web pages and some programming with PHP. This meant that whenever we needed to tweak web page content, a web site developer was required. With WordPress, all the static pages can maintained by the web site administrator and historian. Second, the original site used a separate Wiki to provide a means for visitors like you to contribute to Saskatchewan war casualty information, stories and backgrounders and to allow the historian to write blog posts. With WordPress, this will all be done using the built-in blogging features. Finally, WordPress offers a tremendous amount of additional functionality through the use of plugins. Thanks to these plugins, the entire web site is now more unified.

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  1. From an Australian, a wonderful site!