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    Brad Wall, Premier of Saskatchewan:
    "We honour the legacy of peace and freedom that they gave to us so selflessly."
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    Captain Reginald Bateman, 46th Battalion, South Saskatchewan Regiment:
    "A war like this one (WW1) gives a man a chance to cancel at one stroke all the pettiness of his life."
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    Col. Foster Matheson, Regina Rifle Regiment:
    "During my service with the regiment I have known some of the finest men that it is possible for any man to know."
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    Gerald Merrithew, Minister of Veterans Affairs:
    "For those who have fought for it, freedom has a taste that the protected will never know."
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    Ross Munro, Canadian Press, World War Two:
    "Perhaps I was too sensitive to it but there was tragedy in every body, in every wounded soldier."
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    F/L Tony Pengelly, Prisoner of War:
    "I cannot say what would have happened to us in the next few months if it hadn't been for the invasion of Normandy."
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    A German General reporting to Berlin:
    "A break-through south of Caen has occurred, the like of which we have never seen."
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    Lionel Shapiro, Maclean's Magazine:
    "Between the little seaside town of Bernieres-sur-mer and the Caen battle front, Canadian troops have written an immortal story."

The Saskatchewan Virtual War Memorial

This web site commemorates Saskatchewan’s war dead. Those men and women who perished in service to their country for the high ideals of peace and freedom. It has been created to supplement the physical War Memorial located on the grounds of the Saskatchewan Legislature in Regina, SK.

You can search the database of more than 11,000 war casualties and find quite a bit of information. Here you will find casualties from WWI, WWII, WWII BCATP, WWII Ferry Command, Korea, Afghanistan, Boer War, Conflict of 1885 and peacekeeping missions around the world.

Web pages may change on a daily basis as we add and update information. Visit the News page often to see what’s been added or changed.

You can do a lot to help make this a great web site by visiting often and contributing information about those commemorated here. This can include stories and non-copyrighted original photographs as digital images.


The web site has two major components:

  1. The main web site allows visitors to search for individual war casualties by many criteria. Information about the casualty is presented in a concise web page.
  2. A Blog provides a community-based means to contribute to a growing knowledge base. Visitors are encouraged to visit the Blog to share their knowledge and images with the world community.

We invite you to take full advantage of all the features offered by the Saskatchewan Virtual War Memorial web site!


There are two ways you can participate: information and funding.

First, you can enrich the Memorial by helping us keep the site as current and accurate as possible. You can provide corrections to the information already contained here using the Contact form. If you see something amiss, let us know! Any leads you may have on individuals we may have missed would be greatly appreciated!

You can use the Blog to add additional information about casualties, conflicts, campaigns, battles, insignia, decorations, and a host of other topics. If you have some images that are yours or that you have permission to use, the blog is the place to put them. Just create a new Blog Post or edit an existing one.

Second, the Saskatchewan Virtual War Memorial is a non-profit web site which relies on private and corporate donations to survive. We have been very fortunate to obtain initial funding and guidance under the auspices of the Saskatchewan War Memorial Project Inc. Whether you are an individual, family or organization, you can make a difference by sending a donation directly to the Saskatchewan War Memorial Project Inc. who continue to oversee the site. No amount is too small. Every little bit helps! See the Donations page for more information.

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